About Us

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Patty Clerico-Parham, Nancy Nickell and Mikael Fouraker have cared for free-roaming cats in the SF bay area for over 20 years. It is only within the last 5 years that they have been able to move these cats into a safe-haven, a small shelter in the east bay hills.

In 2005, the team founded Good Home Animal Society, a small organization run by a handful of volunteers. Their goal is to humanely control the “free-roaming” cat population. They do this by humanely trapping these cats and getting them spayed, neutered and vaccinated as well as an overall health check. Then they re-release these cats to where they were trapped or transfer them to the Good Home Animal shelter if space is available.

The shelter is a partitioned one-room facility that opens to an enclosed yard so the cats can move freely and safely inside and out. It has plenty of perches and warm, cozy towels and blankets so the cats can live comfortably. Every day, before and after work, Patty checks in on the cats to socialize, feed and care for them.

Some of the cats are truly unadoptable and will spend their entire lives at the shelter, but those that are socialized are made available for adoption. Good Home Animal Society also partners with other organizations to help spread the word about other animals looking for a home.

In the next several years, their goal is to expand to serve abandoned dogs and to upgrade and enlarge the outdoor area of the cat shelter. These expansions and their ongoing work are only possible with the help of volunteers, with donations from people who share their mission, and with adopters and foster families who provide loving homes for the animals.